It’s an ongoing journey 

So far I have shared with you how I have progressed over the last few years. But that doesn’t mean I’m finished by any stretch of the imagination. Man do I have bad days, weeks and even months.

Take this past month for example. I have been feeling like I have been running on a hamster wheel which is slowly getting faster and faster. My day job was busy, My home life was busier, I was trying to work on my business and it felt like I couldn’t come up for air. I got to the end of June exhausted, snappy, and feeling like I was completely out of control. I started to let the voice of my fears speak louder than the music of my beliefs. I began down the path of self doubt and negativity. 

It happens to the best of us, and it’s an ongoing work in progress to maintain our outlook, positivity and beliefs. They don’t maintain themselves. So what happened? Why did I begin to reverse my mindset and let my fears take over? Upon reflection, I stopped taking care of myself. I stopped making ‘my time’ important, and began prioritising EVERYTHING else.

For a number of reasons, the time that I use to gather my thoughts, plan for the day, work on my personal development, and exercise time were slipping away. It happened rather slowly, until I didn’t have a single moment left to give! It was only then that I realised what had happened, and also how valuable these times are to me. I tend to fit these moments into the nooks and crannies of my day. At this point in time, big blocks of time is not really an option on the regular. I listen to podcasts in the car to and from work. I exercise an my lunch break. I often write down my thoughts whilst nursing my baby, send emails and various other tasks for myself while he naps. But these times were being absorbed by the needs of those around me. I found that I wasn’t doing a good job of anything.

I’m all for helping others, but the month of June was a less than welcome reminder that if I don’t take care of myself first, then it’s awfully difficult to serve those who need you! It’s incredible how fast i was able to turn my mindset back around again when I realised the problem. I immediately pulled back, so I could reset. 

I decided to do something that makes me feel good, and where there’s never any guilt. I put my phone aside for the day, and took my baby on a mama/son date. We went on a train ride, played with baby farm animals, had a delicious lunch, played hide and seek through the trees and ran through the autumn leaves. My why. My reason for being on this crazy hamster wheel in the first place. And man did it feel good! I took the rest of the weekend to ENJOY those around me. I saw who I wanted to and spent time doing things that made me happy. 

So I began this month refreshed and ready to tackle the world again. I rescheduled my time, brought my focus back in, and here I am. Back on track. My point is, is that you can’t do your best to serve others if you’re not taking great care of yourself. Put yourself first and the rest will follow.

I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts in the comments. Happy reading!

K xx


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