Don’t forget the haters….

There is always someone. Often there is more than one. And the more success an happiness you appear to have, the number grows. It’s such a sad concept – to hate on someone because they are happy. It truely confuses me. I have always celebrated others happiness and success. I have used their stories to inspire, motivate to propel myself forward. I don’t use it as stepping stones so stomp on them so I feel more adequate. 

 I have encountered a number of haters along my journey this far…… and there may be more, I don’t know. And I titled this blog ‘don’t forget the haters’ and there is no mistake there. I don’t think they deserve being forgotten. Clearly they feel so deeply inadequate because their life is different to mine, that they need to project their negativity so they feel better. What a sad state of affairs that is! 

I feel an element of pity toward such people, and I genuinely hope that the can progress within themselves to another level. A state where they don’t need to put others down to build their own self confidence. Where they can appreciate others hard work and effort, and the negative thoughts don’t flow into their minds. 

The other thing that I do when I’m faced with these sort I’d people is i make it my mission to prove them wrong. I have dealt with them when throughout my life, and there is nothing so sweet as standing infront of them having done what they said I couldn’t do.  

I saw this quote once, and it has stuck with me ever since.

People who hate aren’t happy, and people who are happy don’t hate.

So I guess the point I’m making is that when people are whinging about you, it’s not about you, its actually about them. Don’t let it get you down, and don’t waste precious energy stewing on what’s been said and how your going to deal with it. The most it should do is drive you To succeed.

Thanks for taking the time to read and I look forward to hearing your thoughts in the comments or sent me a message 🙂

Kirsty x


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